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Snowflakes Christmas Singles

Single copies, editions 2013-2020


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*SNOWFLAKE 25: SILENT WINTER: 'Holy Land Of Fire And Snow' / 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'

Not many heavy metal bands have tried their hands on Christmas songs. Last year, Greek power metal band Silent Winter decided to give it a try, and recorded 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' in full blown metal style, including high pitched yet melodic vocals and, of course, guitar solos. Given the more than 20.000 views of thei video, it did indeed find an audience in the metal community. And now the song found its way to vinyl, as B-side to Silent Winter’s single for the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. Songwriter and guitarist Kiriakos Balanos took up the challenge to write a new Christmas metal song, and came up with 'Holy Land Of Fire And Snow', the A-side of the single. It's five-and-half minute of fast paced power metal, that couples sleigh bells, an angel choir and church bells with heavy guitars, ultra fast solos and blast beats. The sometimes melodic and sometimes screaming vocals of Mike Livas tell the tale of this holy land of fire and snow, where Santa reigns, who doesn't seem to be as peaceful as we have been told, as he travels through the black and starry sky with his burning sleigh, causing panic and destruction along the way.
Silent Winter was originally formed in the mid-1990s in the Greek city of Volos, recorded two demo's and broke up in 2001. In 2018 the band reformed and now in 2020, Silent Winter consists of singer Mike Livas (also in Maidenance and Keepers of Jericho), guitarists Kiriakos Balanos and Vaggelis Papadimitriou, bassist Vaggelis Tsekouras and drummer John Antonopoulos. In 2019, Silent Winter recorded its first full length, 'The Circles Of Hell' for Sonic Age Records, to good reviews. Their 2020 lathe cut 7" 'Nightfall', sold out on the day of release.

*SNOWFLAKE 23: LIVINGMORE: 'Show Me Light And Love' / 'Winter Wonderland'

Los Angeles rock band Livingmore’s Christmas single is one in a tradition of American Christmas 45’s that started in 1949, 70 years ago, when the first Christmas 45’s were released. ‘Show Me Light and Love’, the A-side of their single released as part of the 7th edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, was written by lead guitarist Spencer Livingstone and singer Alex Moore. According to Alex, the lyrics were inspired by ‘my grandmother and all the ladies out there taking care of Christmas’, who are keeping that part of the Christmas tradition alive. The song is a catchy rocker, carried by Alex’s crystal clear vocals and great guitar work by Spencer, and, of course, sleigh bells. For the flipside, the group recorded an acoustic version of one of the greatest American seasonal songs of all time, ‘Winter Wonderland’. Livingmore, with Alex and Spencer sharing the vocals, adds another great version to the many versions that exist of this song that was written 85 years ago by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith.
Livingmore was formed in Los Angeles by singer/songwriters Spencer Livingston and Alex Moore, after they met through mutual friends in 2014. Alex and Spencer, who are responsible for all the songs of the band, were then joined by drummer Mike Schadel and, since 2017, bassist Rodrigo Moreno. In 2017, Livingmore had an indie hit with their single ‘Really Mean It’, and in 2018 released it on a 7” for the bands appearance on South By Southwest. The band released their debut album ‘Ok To Land’ on Nomad Eel Records last year and followed it up with 3-song 7” ‘It’s All Happening’ in December 2018. With influences as diverse as Garbage, The Kinks, Belle And Sebastian and Roy Orbison, Livingmore have been described as a mixture between Blondie and The Everly Brothers.

*SNOWFLAKE 22: SUPERBRAVO: 'La Nuit' b/w 'Chanson Pour Les Enfants l’Hiver'

Christmas Eve is when the magic happens. In the night, Santa gets into his sleigh and he delivers all the presents, that are eagerly awaited by children all over the world. Paris trio Superbravo add to the magic of that night with their playful Christmas song ‘La Nuit’ (The Night), the A-side of their single recorded for the 2019 edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. The magic of Santa who, happy and singing, goes about his job, who will never let those waiting for him, down, as, and that is the less magic side of it, selling has to be done. The song itself sounds like magic, as a fairytale come to life, with strange little creatures making weird sounds, angels harmonizing ‘Noel Noel’ and dreamy vocals – as dreamy as only French female vocals can sound. The song on the B-side is another fairytale, ‘Chanson Pour Les Enfants l'Hiver’ ('Song For The Children Of The Winter') a poem published by Jacques Prévert in 1946, a few years later set to the music of composer Joseph Korma by the French vocal quartet Les Frères Jacques. In a way, it is the French ‘Frosty The Snowman’, about a not too smart snowman who sees a house with a fire, and wants to warm himself inside. Superbravo add some mystery to the story, as if it has been recorded in a parallel world where this snowman actually existed.
Paris-based Superbravo consists of the trio of Armelle Pioline (former singer of French rock band Holden), Julie Garnier (of art rock / post-punk duo Lalafactory) and Michel Peteau (former guitarist of legendary French psychedelic progrock bands Cheval Fou and Nyl), with vocals shared by Armelle and Julie, while all contribute a wide range of instruments to the music of the group. Superbravo started out in 2016, has released one album (2017's 'L'Angle Vivant' on the Zamora Label) and several singles and EP's, most recently, earlier this year, a 7" single on FRACA !!!. In January 2020, the group will release its second album also on FRACA !!!. Described as ‘minimalist in tone while maximalist’ in ideas’, Superbravo takes its inspiration from the glory days of the French chanson, the yéyé sound of the 1960s, 1970s psychedelica, minimalist synthpop of the 1980s and the toytronica of the 2000s, mixing it all up to come to something truly unique – challenging musically and intellectually, as is illustrated by their last album ‘L’Angle Vivant’, a reflection on the ecological distasters waiting for us, as a result of the way we are treating our planet.

*SNOWFLAKE 21: US AND THEM: 'When The Stars Are Brightly Shining' b/w 'Winter'

Christmas is a time to spend with family and to feel a bit nostalgic, and exactly these two aspects of Christmas come together on the single the Swedish acid folk duo Us And Them recorded for the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. In 'When The Stars Are Brightly Shining', the fragile vocals of singer Britt Rönnholm recapture the get-together with friends and family on Christmas Eve, the return to the place where you have spend your youth and the memories it all brings back. Multi-instrumentalist Anders Håkanson uses a wide range of instruments to built an atmospheric soundtrack to Britt's meanderings. Their version of Tori Amos' 1992 single 'Winter' is much in the same vein. In the song, Tori remembers the winters of her childhood and the bond she built up with her father during her youth. Us And Them replace the intensity of the original with the same nostalgic mood that can be found on the A-side, making the songs on this single sound as the family they are.
Us And Them are the Swedish duo of multi-instrumentalist Anders Håkanson and singer Britt Rönnholm (who also happen to be a married to each other), that came together in 2006 when Anders, who had been playing in bands since being a kid, realized that he wanted to do something different. Influenced by British folk, baroque pop and the softer side of psychedelica, he started recording songs with Britt on vocals, and this developed into Us And Them. Since the start of the group, Us And Them have released singles EP's and albums on labels like Fruits De Mer and Mega Dodo. Most records feature a mixture of covers and originals, all in the distinct dreamy, fragile and otherwordly Us And Them style, an update of the sound of psychedelic acid folk for the 21st Century.

*SNOWFLAKE 20: RACHAEL DADD: 'Spark Illuminate' b/w 'The Holly And The Ivy'

British folk singer Rachael Dadd takes the holly and ivy as the central theme of her Christmas single, released as part of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, and pressed on snow white vinyl. In pre-Christian times, the holly and the ivy were symbols of the male and female sex. When christianity arrived, the holly and ivy were given new meaning, the holly symbolizing Jesus and the ivy Mary. The holly and ivy, that keep their colours in the winter, became a Christmas decoration, and are the reason why green and red are seen as the colours of Christmas. Rachael covers the 19th Century English carol ‘The Holly And The Ivy’ on the B-side of her single and uses that carol as an inspiration for her original on the A-side, the poetic ‘Spark Illuminate’. With just her beautiful voice and a prepared piano (a piano that has its sounds altered by placing objects on or between the strings), Rachael creates an atmopshere of stillness and intimacy, to warm your heart during those cold days of Christmas.
Rachael Dadd is a contemporary folk singer and multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol, England and on the Japanese island of Mukaishima. She is married to Japanese experimental musician ICHI, with whom she also regularly performs, live and on record. Rachael debuted in 2004 with the album ‘Summer/Autumn Recordings’. The album was followed by a string of releases on labels like Broken Sound, Talitres, and Japanese labels Angel’s Egg and Sweetdreams Press. Over the years, Rachael has played festivals like Glastonbury, End of The Road, Green Man, Wilderness and No Direction Home and toured the UK, Europe and Japan several times, alone or with acts like This Is The Kit, Rozi Plain and Alessi’s Ark. Besides as a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Dadd, who is a graduate from art school, is also a practicing and exhibiting artist.

*SNOWFLAKE 18: OH! GUNQUIT: 'High On Xmas' b/w 'Don't Believe In Christmas'

Recorded on the hottest day of an extremely hot London Summer, Oh! Gunquit deliver two Christmas party anthems on this 45, blending surf guitars, rumble drums and a wailing sax with lyrics about, well, what else than partying at Christmas – a bottle of wine, some good music and nice company is enough to get 'High On Xmas'. On the flipside, the fivesome breathe new life into The Sonics' garage rock classic 'Don't Believe In Christmas' – out goes the organ, in come guitar, sax and trumpet, with singer Tina's cool vocals finishing it off. The single is part of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, edition 2018, and comes on snow white vinyl.
Oh! Gunquit came together when vocalist/trumpetist Tina and guitarist/vocalist Simon became neighbours and frequented the same sweaty cellar dance nights around town. The two formed the band with the idea to create a vibrant blend of new-wave vicious psych-surf, garage-punk, exotica & rock ‘n roll. The unusual name of the band was inspired by Maine harbour town Ogunquit (which means 'beautiful place by the sea' in the indigenous Abenaki language), known for its late 19th Century artists colony, and by the idea of all guns quitting. Based in London, Oh! Gunquit, known for their high energy and spectacular live shows, is as cosmopolitan as their city is, with members from Italy, USA, Colombia, Spain and the UK.

* SNOWFLAKE 17: SEAFANG 'Happy When It Snows' b/w 'You Trashed My Christmas'

St. Petersburg, Florida band Seafang formed as the result of a more-or-less spontaneous session in a local practice space. Guitarists Susan and Stacy were joined by Paul on drums, Heidi on vocals and Stacy's husband Gary, who played in 1990s band Honeyrider, on bass and the first few songs of the band that would become Seafang were written. About a year later, in the Summer of 2016, the band released its debut single 'Motorcycle' on local label Elephant Stone. The single met with positive reviews, with Lush, Shop Assistants, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and Veronica Falls used as references to describe the music of the band – a mixture between the UK C86 sound, shoegaze and the sixties pop of The Shangri-Las and The Beach Boys. With a second single, 'Solid Gold' released on the Emotional Response label in the Summer of 2017, the band further broadened their appeal. On their Snowflakes Christmas single, Seafang chose to cover a song that originally appeared on the 2012 Elefant Records Christmas compilation, 'You Trashed My Christmas', written by one of band's main inspirations, The Primitives. Without straying too far from the original, Seafang add some shoegaze elements and keyboards and make the song their own. The atmospheric and ethereal 'Happy When It Snows', a self-penned song that is featured on the A-side of the single, has layers of guitars and keyboards, that, together with Heidi's soft sounding vocals, create the feeling of floating amid all the snowflakes that are whirling down from the sky.

* SNOWFLAKE 14: HANNAH EPPERSON 'Raise The White Flag' b/w 'Dreaming Of A White Christmas'

'Raise The White Flag / Dreaming Of A White Christmas' by Canadian/American violinist/singer Hannah Epperson is one of the four singles released as part of the fourth edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. 'Raise The White Flag', a composition Hannah wrote herself, is an atmospheric song in which silence is as much used as an instrument as Hannah's voice and violin and as the subtile pulse that lingers somewhere far in the background of the song. Hannah calls it 'a post-apocalyptic, deeply somber christmas song'. The poetic lyrics reflect on Christmases past – 'when we'd sled as kids' – and present – 'but now the snow is gone'. A song for the darkest of the dark days of Christmas. A few years ago, Hannah recorded a live version of the Irving Berlin classic 'White Christmas', during a session for the 'Fresh Independence' webzine. She reprises the song, retitled to 'Dreaming Of A White Christmas', on the B-side of the single. Hannah creates a neo-classical piece of music, over which she sings 'White Christmas' in a very fragile and delicate way. The two songs taken together create what will probably be the most avantgarde Christmas single of 2016: a single to be played in the middle of the night, when silence and darkness surround you.
Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada as a teenager and now living in Brooklyn, New York City, violinist and singer/songwriter Hannah Epperson has gathered a range of influences, that found a place in her music. Besides the violin and her voice, Hannah's main instrument is a loop pedal, which she uses to built up an almost orchestral sound during her live performances. Hannah started playing violin at five, mastered classical repertoire, which culmilated in joining the Utah Youth Symphony for the Cultural Olympiad in 2002. After moving to Vancouver she further broadened her perspective on music by collaborating with all kind of musicians and performers. In 2011, Hannah debuted with a self-released 5-song digital EP, 'Home Batch', recorded and written at home, representing a wide array of influences, ranging from classical and folk to southern European music and Latin. In 2015, Hannah released her first 7”, 'Burn', that featured the tracks 'Shadowless' and 'Brother'. Now living in New York, Hannah recently released her debut album '/Upsweep', that features ten songs, five songs in pop versions (Amelia) and five different songs in neo-classic versions (Iris). The album is part of a diptych 'Slowdown / Upsweep', with both albums having the same songs, but in different (Amelia or Iris, pop or neo-classic) versions. Limited to 320 copies on snow white vinyl

*SNOWFLAKE 13: THE MANHATTAN LOVE SUICIDES: 'Look Who's Coming To Town (Please Let It Snow)' / 'Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer'

'Look Who's Coming To Town (Please Let It Snow)' / 'Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer' by The Manhattan Love Suicides from Leeds is one of the four singles released as part of the fourth edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. 'Look Who's Coming To Town (Please Let It Snow)', an original, sounds like the script of a 1960s horror movie, but of the kind that you only find in that dusty cult video store somewhere in a dark alley of a mediumsized city. The song is an angry sounding snarling creature which picks up where the recent single 'Bikini Party / Birthday Kill' left off, and brings both The Primitives and Sonic Youth to mind. Listen to the song, and find out who is coming to town and why it is so important that it will snow. For the B-side, the band turn Elmo and Patsy's classic 1979 Christmas novelty 'Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer' in an echo-drenched murder ballad, with instead of the loud uptempo guitars of the A-side of the single, subtile melodic guitar playing, which gives the song more of a pop sensibility, but pop with a distinct raw edge.
The Manhattan Love Suicides was formed in 2006 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England by Darren Lockwood and Caroline McChrystal, who also played together in the local band Pop Threat and ran the indie label Squirrel Records. Joined by bass player Adam John Miller and drummer Eddy Limes (after a year replaced by Rachel Barker), and taking their name from a short 1985 film by Richard Kern, the Manhattan Love Suicides released their self-titled debut album later that year, the CD version on Magic Marker Records, and the vinyl version on Squirrel Records Musically, the band cited The Velvet Underground and The Jesus & Mary Chain as import influences – just as these bands, the band members mainly dressed in black and wore dark sunglasses –, but also bands like The Primitives and The Shop Assistants come to mind when listening to the band's music, not in the least because of Caroline's vocals. For their lyrics and artwork, the Manhattan Love Suicides take their inspiration from obscure B-movies from days long gone. Up until 2009, the band released a string of 7” singles, that were compiled in 2008 on 'Burnt Out Landscapes'. After the split-up of the band in 2009, Darren and Caroline continued in the Blanche Hudson Weekend. In 2013, the Manhattan Love Suicides reformed and the band started gigging again. In 2015, Odd Box Records released the second album of the band, 'More Heat! More Panic!', and early 2016 a new single, 'Bikini Party, Birthday Kill'. Limited to 320 copies on snow white vinyl

*SNOWFLAKE 12: THE HAYWAINS: 'Who Needs Summer? / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'

'Who Needs Summer? / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' by Midsomer Norton's The Haywains is one of the four singles released as part of the fourth edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. The A-side of the single, 'Who Needs Summer?', penned by gitarist Paul Towler, is a catchy indie pop song, sung by vocalist Jeremy Hunt in his distinctive vocal style, that celebrates the joys of being together with your newfound love around Christmas time – because, who needs Summer, if you can be warm and cosy with the one you love! The song has all the classic Christmas ingredients: festive keys, sleigh bells and even some children doing background vocals. The Haywains' version of John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie's classic Christmas song 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' starts rather unusual – with some merry whistling. From there, the song contiues in the jangling pop punk style The Haywains became known (and loved) for.
The Haywains formed as a six piece in 1988, in Bristol, England, and were part of the thriving twee pop / 'C86' scene of those days. Singer Jeremy Hunt and guitar player and main songwriter Paul Towler had already played together six years earlier when they were just 16, in a band that did mostly Undertones-covers. The Haywains debuted with the 'Surfin' Trowbridge EP', a flexi-disc issued with Newcastle based fanzine 'Woosh!'. In 1989, the band's first 7" single 'Fisherman's Friend' was released on their own 'Emily's Shop' label and was played by legendary DJ John Peel on his radio show. More singles followed on labels like Four Letter Words (USA) and Blam-A-Bit (Germany) before the band signed to Vinyl Japan in 1991, on which label they released two albums: 'Never Mind Manchester, Here's The Haywains' and 'Desperately Seeking Something'. In 1992, the label also reissued the band's hard to find early singles as the compilation CD 'Get Happy With The Haywains'. After a final single for Spanish label Elefant Records, The Haywains called it a day Summer 1996. In 2013 The Haywains reformed with four original members, for a range of shows to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band's formation. As things worked out so well, the band decided to stay together and also work on new songs, which lead to three 7”'s: 2014's 'Get On Board With The Haywains' on American label Cloudberry Records, 2015's 'Bobbie Gentry's Tears' on UK label Dufflecoat Records and the forthcoming 'Girl In The Holly Court Diner' on new UK label Whoops! Records. The band is now based in Midsomer Norton, England. Limited to 320 copies on snow white vinyl.

* SNOWFLAKE 11: ROPE STORE 'Never Had Christmas' b/w 'A Winter's Tale'

'Never Had Christmas / A Winter's Tale' by Norwich's Rope Store is one of the four singles released as part of the fourth edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. A-side 'Never Had Christmas' brings bands like Wizzard, Slade and The Wombles to mind, bands that also knew how to write a catchy Christmas song, taking their inspiration from Phil Spector's legendary 1963 Christmas album. 'Never Had Christmas' has everything a Christmas rock song needs: catchy vocals, (glam) rock guitars, Christmas bells, a rhythm that invites you to clap-a-long, an instrumental break with a wall-of-sound production that blows you right out of your Christmas socks, and of course an important message: Christmas is all about the friends you love and the family you really get along with! For the B-side, Rope Store chose a song originally recorded by another star of the 1970s (althought the song was actually from the early 1980s) and written by Mike 'Wombling Merry Christmas' Batt and Tim 'Evita / Jesus Christ Superstar' Rice: David Essex' hit single 'A Winter's Tale'. Rope Stope manage to turn the original, a ballad that sounds like it was lifted straight from a musical, into a sing-a-long glam rock song, without compromising the dramatic meaning of the song.
Rope Store from Norwich, England, is the result of a spontanous recording session of Jason Baldock and Gemma Dietrich, who met in a local pub, where Dietrich worked as a bartender and Baldlock was a regular customer. Baldock owned a recording studio, located in a disused Cold War bunker, where the duo record all their songs. They don't waste any time in the process: they write a song, work out the arrangement, and record it directly to a reel-to-reel 8-track recorder, using only one microphone for every instrument and mix and mastered it the same evening. Rope Store's music is a playful blend of ‘60s inspired pop, old school soul and laid back rock and roll, with a definite groove that makes you dance along to the music, and the spontanous way the songs are recorded adds to the energy and liveliness of the songs. For the live shows, Rope Store is expanded to a 8 piece band, including keyboards, drums, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars and a saxophone section. Debut single 'All Of Me' / Stop' was released in December 2015 by Seal Of Approval, and only three months later, in March 2016, the second single of the band, 'That's Not Good Enough' b/w 'Get Me Out', was released on Heavy Soul Records. Late 2016, the band self-released a cassette album containing all their recordings. Limited to 320 copies on snow white vinyl.

* SNOWFLAKE 10: TELE NOVELLA 'Christmas Spirit' b/w 'Purple Snowflakes'

Snowflake 10 features two songs by Tele Novella, from Austin, Texas. Self-described as "psych-pop, indie-pop, macabre-pop, pop-pop. The pop kind", Tele Novella is Natalie Ribbons, Jason Chronis, Matt Simon and Sarah La Puerta and was formed in 2012, some time after Natalie's previous band Agent Ribbons and Jason and Matt previous band Voxtrot broke up. Influenced by bands like Os Mutantes, Aislers Set, Velvet Underground, The Bachs and Belle and Sebastian, Tele Novella self-released their debut 7" 'Don't Be A Stranger' late 2013 - the record was met with raving reviews and sold out very quickly. Early 2014 saw their second 7", 'Trouble In Paradise', released on American Laundromat Records . That year, the band also contributed to the Wes Anderson tribute compilation on the same label, and they released a 5-song cassette EP on Lollipop Records. Early 2016, Tele Novella will release their debut album. The A-side of their Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club single, 'Christmas Spirit', is a song that is a much a Halloween as a Christmas song – it's catchy, it's a bit silly, it's a perfect song to singalong too and it's over before you know it. On the B-side, Tele Novella cover Marvin Gaye's 'Purple Snowflakes', and make it sound as an authentic 1960s recording. The single comes on snow white vinyl and is limited to 370 copies.

* SNOWFLAKE 7: TERMINAL GODS 'Boundless' b/w 'Driving Home For Christmas'

Snowflake 7 features two songs by Terminal Gods, a gothic rock band from London. Formed in 2011, the band has released three singles and a EP on their own label Heavy Leather Sex Productions, and will release their debut album in Spring 2016. The sound of Terminal Gods is heavy influenced by the early 1980s gothic rock scene, otibly The Sisters Of Mercy (due to the baritone vocals of Cowlin, the atmospheric guitar work of Maisey and the cold sounds of the drum machine), although the most recent single 'Road Of The Law' demonstrate that the band is more and more developing a sound of their own. 'Boundless', the A-side of their Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, shows a total new side of the band, and sounds almost like a ballad, but one with a punch. The B-side is a cover of one of the most popular Christmas pop songs from the 1980s, Chris Rea's 'Driving Home For Christmas'. Terminal Gods turn it into an almost industrial sounding postpunk song. The single comes on snow white vinyl and is limited to 360 copies.

* SNOWFLAKE 6: NANCY WALLACE 'January' b/w '2000 Miles'

Nancy Wallace's “January / 2000 Miles” is one of two 7"'s released as part of the 2014 (and second) edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. Each single, limited to 500 copies and pressed on snowwhite vinyl, features an original and an interpretation of a existing Christmas song.

It may seem a strangle title for a Christmas song, but still, British folk singer Nancy Wallace's 'January' is just that. 'January' is a fragile and beautiful song, sounding like a longlost gem from the 1960s UK folk scene, about missing your friends and family and longing to be re-united with them at Christmas time. And this year, Christmas will be celebrated in January, as that is when you will see them again. On the flipside, we find another song about a loved that is being missed a Christmas, '2000 Miles'. Originally written by Chris Hynde for Pretenders-guitar player James Honeyman-Scott, '2000 Miles' was a big hit for her band The Pretenders at Christmas 1983. Nancy has stripped down the song to its bare essentials, and with just her voice, sweet but with a touch of sadness, and an acoustic guitar, turns it into a touching folk song. The 7” comes in artwork done by Canadian painter – and Nancy's husband – Trevor Kiernander.

* SNOWFLAKE 5: HANNAH PEEL 'Find Peace' b/w 'Rebox - I Believe In Father Christmas'

Hannah Peel's “Find Peace / REBOX - I Believe In Father Christmas” is one of two 7"'s released as part of the 2014 (and second) edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. Each single, limited to 500 copies and pressed on snowwhite vinyl, features an original and an interpretation of an a classic or obscure Christmas song.

On the A-side of this fifth single in the series, London-based, award winning artist and multi-instrumentalist Hannah Peel is joined by renowned, electronic musician and producer Benge for the original song 'Find Peace’. Embracing Hannah’s influences and the musical tradition of 60s electronic pioneers like Delia Derbyshire, 80s electronic artists like John Foxx, OMD (with whom Hannah both worked in recent years) and modern artists like Vessel and Alt-J, Hannah harness a wide range of vintage analogue electronic synthesizers to deliver a Christmas song that is as modern and 2014 as any Christmas song can get! Longing for the cold but merry winters of yesteryear and in these current times of ever present global warming, heat raging conflicts and political tensions; the song mirrors the universal message of winter and Christmas. It’s a tasteful sentiment to the ever-pressing needs of humanity, to ‘Find Peace’ in troubled times.

Hannah first came to recognition with her mesmerizing and unique, hand punched music box covers, aptly name the REBOX. On the B-side is Hannah's remix version of Greg Lake's 1975 Christmas hit, 'I Believe In Father Christmas'. Hannah truly makes this song her own with her beautiful voice soaring above a music box and subtle vintage yet playful electronics. Imploring a return to the traditional values of Christmas (as a time of family warmth and love and a feeling of forgiveness and acceptance) this makes it the perfect companion piece to the original A-side and a masterful reinterpretation of a classic.

* SNOWFLAKE 3: THE MISERABLE RICH 'Everything You Wanted' b/w 'Stop The Cavalry'

The Miserable Rich's “Everything You Wanted / Stop The Cavalry” is one of four 7" singles released as part of the 2013 (and first) edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. Each single, limited to 500 copies and pressed on snow white vinyl, features an original and an interpretation of a classic or obscure Christmas song.

The third single in the series sees Brighton chamber pop band The Miserable Rich bring us an uplifting original, 'Everything You Wanted', a happy song in which the string-based sound of the band is joined by a cheerful trumpet and swinging percussion. Singer James is out to buy a Christmas present for this lover - that perennial search for the perfect gift - he succeeds, and the song's climax finds him, present safely wrapped, relaxing with friends in the pub at the end of the day. A good way to spend Christmas Eve! On the flipside, The Miserable Rich turn the antiwar protest song 'Stop The Cavalry', written and made into one of the most loved Christmas songs from the early 1980s by Jona Lewie, into a melancholic chamber pop song.