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Snowflakes Christmas Singles

Seafang: 'Happy When It Snows' b/w 'You Trashed My Christmas'


Image of Seafang: 'Happy When It Snows' b/w 'You Trashed My Christmas'

St. Petersburg, Florida band Seafang formed as the result of a more-or-less spontaneous session in a local practice space. Guitarists Susan and Stacy were joined by Paul on drums, Heidi on vocals and Stacy's husband Gary, who played in 1990s band Honeyrider, on bass and the first few songs of the band that would become Seafang were written. About a year later, in the Summer of 2016, the band released its debut single 'Motorcycle' on local label Elephant Stone. The single met with positive reviews, with Lush, Shop Assistants, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and Veronica Falls used as references to describe the music of the band – a mixture between the UK C86 sound, shoegaze and the sixties pop of The Shangri-Las and The Beach Boys. With a second single, 'Solid Gold' released on the Emotional Response label in the Summer of 2017, the band further broadened their appeal. On their Snowflakes Christmas single, Seafang chose to cover a song that originally appeared on the 2012 Elefant Records Christmas compilation, 'You Trashed My Christmas', written by one of band's main inspirations, The Primitives. Without straying too far from the original, Seafang add some shoegaze elements and keyboards and make the song their own. The atmospheric and ethereal 'Happy When It Snows', a self-penned song that is featured on the A-side of the single, has layers of guitars and keyboards, that, together with Heidi's soft sounding vocals, create the feeling of floating amid all the snowflakes that are whirling down from the sky.