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Bis: 'You Wrecked My Christmas' b/w 'I Was Born On Christmas Day'

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Bis was formed in late 1994 by teenagers Sci-fi Steve, Manda Rin and John Disco. From 1995 on Bis released a string of 7”'s and EP's, on indie labels like Chemical Underground, Guided Missile and their own Teen-C Recordings. Bis had a sound that was completely their own, an agressive yet poppy mix of punk, indie pop, riot grrrl, new wave and britpop. Their second EP for Chemical Underground, 'The Secret Vampire Soundtrack', managed to enter the British top 30, and the band was even invited to perform one of the songs of the EP, 'Kandy Pop', on Top Of The Pops. Bis released their 1997 debut album 'The New Transistor Heroes' on Wiija (Europe), the Beastie Boys' label Grand Royal (US) and Sony (Japan) – selling more than 100.000 copies of the album in Japan, where they were very popular, alone. After two more albums, 1998's 'Social Dancing', that had a more poppy and modern sound and featured hit single 'Eurodisco' and the 2001's 'Return To Central', leading the band further into electronic terrority, Bis split up in 2003. Members went on to other projects, only to return in 2005, with an extra rhythm section, als Data Panik. After three reunion shows and releasing a greatest hit compilation in 2007, Bis came back together in 2009, and have been playing shows regularly ever since, releasing the 'Data Panik' album in 2014, a bunch of (split) singles and re-releasing deluxe editions of their albums on their own 'Do Yourself In'-label. And now, in 2017, Bis ads a Christmas single to their already extensive discography, a single that shows two completely different sides of the band. The A-side, the catchy Christmas anthem 'You Wrecked My Christmas' brings 'Social Dancing'-era Bis to mind, with punky guitars, uptempo drums, 80s synths and a chorus that refuses to leave your mind once you've heard it. On the B-side Bis take Saint Etiennes' synthpop-influenced Christmas hit 'I Was Born On Christmas Day', strip it to the bones, and it ends up sounding like Bis' interpretation of a 21st Century krautrock Christmas song.